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Stacked Wooden Logs


Husqvarna is our main brand, being one of our favorite brands and types of equipment. Husqvarna originates in Sweden where a majority of their products are still manufactured. They are a very reliable and easy to maintain and operate product with a long history of quality products. In our opinion they have some of the best products out there. From chainsaws, to string trimmers, riding mowers, polesaws, and concrete saws. Husqvarna is a reliable, tried and true product.

Grass Close Up


We carry a wide range of Honda Power Products including rototillers, generators, water pumps, and lawn mowers. Honda products have been a well-trusted product for a very long time, in fact a majority of the lawnmowers we carry have Honda engines. They are known for having a high quality but affordable product.

Garden Soil


BCS America is one of the leaders in tractors and heavy duty equipment. They have a wide variety of attachments for their tractors including the ever-popular rototiller attachment, sickle bar attachment, brush cutter, hiller-furougher, rotary plow, lawn mower, and many more. Though we only carry a small selection of their accessories in store, they are only one day away if anything has to be special ordered.

Cut Wood


Iron & Oak wood-splitters have been well trusted and well worth the price for many years. Iron & Oak is one of those brands that we have carried for a long time, they are made of very high quality materials and will exceed your expectations of a log splitter. Forget breaking your back bending and picking up logs and swinging a splitting maul. These are the tool to have if you split more than a few cords a year.


If for whatever reason you don't love your new product, we can work with you! There are many choices as to what you can do about a product you have bought but don't love. We always want to provide you with the best experience. If this is the case all you need to do is give us a call and explain why you don't love the product, we can either take the machine back with a 15% restocking fee or trade you for a different product you'll love more!

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